One on One: Dead or Alive

We take a look at two videos by the band Dead or Alive, “You Spin Me Round” and “Lover Come Back to Me” and analyze them thoroughly.

For the second post, I thought I would take on a fascinating challenge. Yes, it involves the band Dead or Alive and their biggest hit “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” and follow-up single “Lover Come Back To Me”. I didn’t choose “Brand New Lover” because I do not like to do what is expected of me.

You spin me round

Lover come back to me

Again, I have decided to look at key elements the songs have in common (in this case I did go for the obvious):

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 22.14.14

Eye-patch: I am inclined to think it is the fourth member of the group. In “Lover Come Back To Me” the lead singer wears it almost though out the whole video, while on the other single, it only makes and appearance at 0:31. More on the eye patch later on this post.

Use of fabric as scenery: Apparently the band thought the best thing ever was cloth. They wrap themselves up with it, roll around in it, use it as background, let it flow with the fan’s breeze… it is important to note that on the “You Spin Me Round” video, the fabric was shiny – I think they were starting to see royalties by then.

Perm: I nominate Pete Burns’ mega-perm as one of the most representative of 80’s hair fashion. Enough said.

Egyptian Mysticism: I have saved the best for last. There is a clear theme developed over the two videos, firstly at 1:26 on the video for “You Spin Me Round” when the mysterious ‘mystical’ dancing starts. Then on “Lover Come Back to Me” there are 3 moments, starting at 1:06, when there is a clear invocation of the God, Anubis. His image is shown (whilst in his canine form) on the walls of the “temple” and the singer Pete imitating his pose. This is in addition to various bits of hieroglyphic imagery emanating from and lining the edges of the giant TV screen in an almost subliminal manner.

So imagine my surprise when I found that there is a direct link between the eye patch and the Egyptian revolution. What I can’t get my head around is that the videos anticipate this by some 2 decades! Did the band have psychic abilities? Were they receiving messages from Anubis? Maybe the directors had relatives in Egypt? Or is it all part of the Illuminati world domination plan?? It seems like too strange a coincidence to ignore, and I feel that further investigation in this area is needed so that the full story of this ludicrous and highly improbable conspiracy theory can be bought to light. Expect the book to hit the shelves sometime around 2016.

Dead or Alive: British New Wave Band from Liverpool, England. The group had 7 Top 40 UK singles. Released in 1984, “You Spin Me Round” was one of the first big successes for UK production team Stock, Aitken and Waterman. It was written by Pete Burns with his fellow band members Steve Coy, Tim Lever and Mike Percy. The song was a massive hit, with top spots in the UK, Canada, Ireland and Switzerland as well as #11 on the Billboard Chart. “Lover Come Back To Me” was their next single, released early in 1985, but failed to scale the dizzy heights of it’s predecessor reaching #11 in the UK but failing to get any higher than #75 on the Billboard Chart. You can learn more about them in their official website.

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