Tanto Tempo by Bebel Gilberto

Born into bossa nova royalty, Bebel Gilberto released her debut album and showed us why we should not be afraid of embracing technology, the elegant mix of bossa nova and samples is a must have album for music lovers and any one in need of a trip to heaven.

Samba Da Bencao – Bebel Gilberto

It’s better to be happy than to be sad

Happiness is the best thing that exists

It’s just like a light in your heart

But to make a samba with beauty

You need a lot of sorrow

You need a lot of sorrow

If not,  a samba can’t be made

She kicks of the album with this anthem by Vinicious de Morael, “O Poetinha” (The Little Poet). The song sets the mood and quality and standard of the album.  Bossa nova and electronic music fuse together and send us flying. Although it was to be expected from the daughter of bossa nova inventor João Gilberto and his second wife, singer Miúcha.  Bebel was born in New York, then when she was 3 she moved to Mexico. By age seven her parents were divorced and she lived between Rio de Janeiro and New York. She started accompanying her mother on stage from a young age. She also was very much influenced by her father and his friends (Caetano Veloso, David Byrne and Stan Getz) among many others. Her uncle is none other than Chico Buarque.

August Day Song – Bebel Gilberto

Gilberto started her career by the hand of her friend Cazuza and they even composed songs together. “Eu preciso dizer que te amo”, “Amigos de Bar”, “Mais Feliz” (included in this album) and “Mulher sem Razão”.  She also collaborated with other artists and benefit projects.

She released Tanto Tempo in the year 2000. The mix between bossa nova and electronic music were a success around the world and she became one of the best selling Brazilian artists in the U.S. since the 1960´s.

Sometimes you need an escape. This album is it. Take my word, turn this on, today, Sunday, and you will see how everything will seem smoother, lighter and it will help you prepare for the week ahead.

Sem Contencao – Bebel Gilberto

 *Featured image taken from – https://www.flickr.com/photos/leechihwei/296190449
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