Automatic For The People by R.E.M.

The album that embodies the best music around in the year 1992 and probably one of the best albums of the 90s.

Drive – R.E.M.

The album was released in October 1992. The first song of the record is arguably the best song one…what a track to kick things off! This album was the band´s eighth studio album. They already had international fame and number 1 singles, and they were following the success they had with their album Out Of Time, which included tracks like Radio Song, ‘Shiny Happy People and the massive hit ‘Losing My Religion’ . They wanted to make a more heavy rock album but ended up with a more acoustic and melancholic production that only reached No. 2 in the US (it did reach No.1 in the UK) but sold 18 million copies worldwide.

“Star Me Kitten” – R.E.M.

Have we lost our minds?
Will this never end?
It could depend on your take

R.E.M. were formed in 1980 in Athens, Georgia by Michael Stipe (lead singer, reluctant rock star and force of nature), guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry. The band has now dissolved but are considered to be one of the pioneers of alternative rock music. They have sold more than 85 million records worldwide and are considered one of the best selling music artists of all time.

I chose three tracks for this post but there are of course more to great tracks on the album like Michael Stipe´s tribute to Andy Kaufman “Man On The Moon” and the one that everyone knows “Everybody Hurts“. Some of the songs even had the participation of Led Zeppelin´s bassist John Paul Jones.

Nightswimming – R.E.M.

Is this one of the most beautiful songs ever written? I thought so when I was 14 years old but to be honest I still consider it a romantic masterpiece. This song is what a kiss should be like.

You, I thought I knew you
You, I cannot judge
You, I thought you knew me
This one laughing quietly
Underneath my breath

The way they manage to paint an image is unlike any other song I have ever heard. I think they peaked with it. The album is filled with references to characters and ghosts who influenced Stipe, hidden homages on each verse. Each song on it had to ability to speak to speak to different moods, whether it was the mood the band were in by entering their 30´s or my mood as a teenager. (believe me, there were many different moods I was in at the time).

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