Baby – The Playlist!!

A love story and it´s soundtrack.

One year ago today Naty and myself begun something that, at the time, was little more than the product of a jokey conversation we’d had (see the ‘About Us’ section) about a video for the song ‘Obsession’ by Animotion. Let’s deconstruct this video, we thought, just to see if we can unpick what the hell is going on?! It seemed like a fun idea for two people who love both music and writing (and having fun!). Bit-by-bit it snowballed as we began writing more posts and taking the whole thing more seriously (whilst still having fun, of course). To date we have written nearly one hundred posts between us ranging from the serious and analytical to the definitely not serious and pseudo-analytical and sometimes both at once.

Not only that but we have started creating playlists of various kinds, each 60 tracks long, and each with their own theme. For this anniversary we are presenting you with one we have been curating for a while and have known was going to be a goody! This playlist brings together a whole bunch of our favourite tracks using the word ‘Baby’, not to refer to a little human, but in the romantic sense. The reason we felt we wanted to post this today (apart from the fact that we love it) is that MVD has also been part of our relationship which in the last year has gone from friendship to relationship to marriage. The word ‘baby’ has been used by both of us an awful lot in that time, which is kind of where the idea for the playlist originally came from.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read our posts, left comments, followed us on This Is My Jam, Facebook and Twitter, and generally supported MVD over the last 12 months and say that we hope you’ll stick around as we feel like we’ve only just begun…

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2 thoughts on “Baby – The Playlist!!

    1. Hey Mauricio, thanks so much!! We were saying just yesterday that we hadn’t heard from you on here in a while, and right on cue you arrive, haha! 🙂

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