New Reels: ´Big Cat´by Wild Beasts

This week´s new reels is the new video by the band Wild Beasts from their new album ´Boy King´.

Big Cat – Wild Beasts

The lead single is Get My Bang and like Big Cat shows us that for their 5th studio album, they are more comfortable and bringing their anger to their music, a feeling which usually results in good lyrics and energetic songs. As Hayden Thorpe, lead singer of the band said

“It became apparent that that guitar almost became the character within the songs, that phallic character, the all-conquering male. I’m letting my inner Byron fully out, I thought I’d tucked him away, but he came screaming back like the Incredible Hulk. … I think Boy King is an apocalyptic record. It’s about swimming in the abyss. When you think about sex, you’ve got to think about death, they’re one and the same”.

Now I still don´t know what to think of the video. I know I like it, but I don´t understand what the wolf means, why the seats of the car are burning, who the young girl represents and who the big cat on top of the food chain is. Thoughts?


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