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We like to watch and discuss videos. We also like to have a laugh when we do it. However, we are first and foremost music lovers, so we intend to have fun and it is not our objective to offend. We hope you enjoy reading our posts as much as we do writing them.

Paul Brown

Page 1I’m a music geek and some kind of academic. I’ve got a 1st class degree in Popular Music. I play guitar and sing too, not to perform or be famous or anything but just for the love of doing it. I live in Liverpool, the home of my favourite band (no, not Echo & the Bunnymen!). I believe music is positive energy, and I love sharing, talking, thinking about and generally obsessing over it. I’m also a social networking addict and love how the internet brings like-minded people together from all over the world. I used to DJ funk(y) music and LOVE to get my boogie on whenever I get the chance! I’m a vegetarian who loves to cook, and an animal lover, particularly of cats (maybe it’s because I’m also a Leo). I love deep conversation one minute and laughing over something silly the next. My memory is pretty useless, except for random bits of trivia and musical information like album track-listings and names of drummers. Give me good-natured people, lively conversation, plenty of good music, and a cold glass of beer and I’m a happy man. Find me on Twitter @PantiusBrown

Natalia Valencia

Page 2I am music lover above all things. I love videos and will never get tired of listening to new sounds. There are always songs playing in my head (it doesn’t matter if I like them or not, there is always music there). I study (on and off) the violin and I am now the proud owner (and future legend) of a thumb piano. I cannot sing at all. I am not a great dancer but I LOVE dancing.  After music (but not too far behind) are books. I am an avid reader and I love words.  For the past three years I have been working as a translator and enjoy my work. I also like knitting and painting and doing puzzles (I got that last hobby from my grandfather and it´s a family thing) and I like to constantly learn new things, hobbies and ideas. I am a vegetarian and I don’t cook but I love to eat 🙂 I am also a breast cancer survivor (I was diagnosed at 32) and it has made me look at life differently.  I love animals, they have taught me many lessons. I can´t add or do any mathematical equation and I am bit scared of numbers in general. I love the internet and social media sites. I have a somewhat ample trivia knowledge that some people might find useless but I find indispensable and I am married to the other half of this project. Find me on Twitter @natyblooming


The birth of a Project

Paul: So, are you still digging through all the Neil Young albums you downloaded?
Natalia: Yes, I am loving him, but today I downloaded another 80´s compilation album and I am listening to that
Paul: Hahaha an 80´s compilation, what is on it?
Natalia: Everything…jajaja…I will tell you what I am listening to right now..-“Life is what you make it” by Talk Talk… it is terrible
Paul: Hahaha I quite like that song! I don’t love it but I quite like it
Natalia: I am listening to “obsession” by Animotion, I do like it!
Paul: You prefer this to Talk Talk? Hahaha…I am watching the video, it is great!
Natalia: Well, I prefer it because this has a synthesizer…
Paul: You have to watch the video for “Obsession”, it is amazing
Natalia: I will
Paul: I am not sure what was going on in the video. Lots of costumes and some great dance moves and?
Natalia: OK, I have an important question, why is there a Roman soldier dancing next to the pool?
Paul: That is a very good question
Natalia: and I really need to discuss the lady in the blue dress´ hair!!! Oh! Let´s play that! We can try to find meaning in the 80´s videos! Are you there?
Paul: Yes, I was watching the video and trying to find some meaning in it and I think they had a budget and blew it on a villa in Spain and a bunch of random costumes…
Natalia: jajaja, that is only one theory but I think we have to go deeper, so here is what I think 1. We do this; we pick a video and deconstruct it!
Paul: Yes! I think we should start British/Colombian collaboration. A project to establish the meaning of all this…yes, let´s make a tumblr! Hahaha. I am abandoning my PhD and doing this instead…it is vital, crucially important. Someone has to do it, I think we are those people!
Natalia: Yes, this is a life changing moment, we have found our calling!!! Jajajajaja it is destiny!
Paul: Yes!!! We MUST do this. This is why we were supposed to meet!!!
Natalia: jajaja
Paul: Ok, what are we going to call it, this is very important!!!! I am thinking it should be something like “BrownPants and Blooming´s Centre for the deeper artistic appreciation of the meaning in the 80´s video…a Project of Global Significance”…
Natalia: I think it is boring!
Paul: Ok, my title is a little bit boring hahaha…I think we also need to give ourselves some qualifications…Prof. Blooming and Prof. Brownpants
Natalia: jajaja
Paul: We can award each other from our own made up universities, it will be fine.


And the music…

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