Música en mi primer idioma: Café Tacuba

México is a land of musicians galore, constantly supplying wonderful and innovative sounds and songs, but in the 1990´s there was a band who ruled undisputed over all others: Café Tacuba.

The video that introduced me to the band was this one, María. Its the name of the band’s debut album, released by Warner Music México on july 28th, 1992. I remember it was such a different thing to what was making the rounds on MTV en Español at the time…I immediately loved it. Since the beginning, the band wanted to be faithful to their Mexican identity. The video stars beloved Mexican actress Ofelia Medina and the album and video got great reviews from critics and fans.

The band was formed in 1989 by four members who are still playing together. Ruben Isaac Albarran Ortega (lead vocals and rhythmic guitar) sometimes he takes the name Cosme, Emmanuel del Real Diaz (keyboard and choruses), Jose Alfredo Rangel Arroyo (guitar) and Enrique Rangel Arroyo (bass and contrabass).

After that, they followed things with the album Re, released in 1994. It was recorded under the production of Gustavo Santaolalla and its considered their best studio material and according to Rolling Stone Magazine, the best latin rock album ever. The album experiments with diverse genres, and is considered by some to be a work of musical genius with a variety of themes. It has been compared by The New York Times to the White Album by The Beatles for those reasons.

In the 27 years the band have been together, hey have released 7 studio albums and four compilations (including the MTV unplugged which features the video bellow). They have won numerous awards including the Grammy and the Latin Grammy. They are charismatic, talented, political, outspoken and humble. They take you on a smooth sensuous ride with their ballads and then make you jump with their punk and punk songs and have taken all of our fans with them on this experience that we hope continues to bring us more by them.


*Featured image taken from  https://i.ytimg.com/vi/tqYqq5YcqtM/maxresdefault.jpg

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