“Cannonball” by The Breeders: Indie music´s cult classic.

A song and a video by Spike Jonze that would become of of the most representative and recognizable songs of the 90s.

Cannonball – The Breeders

If you are into underwater singing, drumsticks and a killer bass then this is the song for you. The American alternative rock band The Breeders started as a side project while the founding members were touring Europe. Kim Deal (from The Pixies) and Tanya Donelly (from Throwing Muses) started the band and released the first album Pod in 1990. The second album, released in 1993 was Last Splash, Their biggest commercial success, after that came Title TK, released in 2002 and Mountain Battles, released in 2008.

“Cannonball” was by far the band´s greatest hit, and though it never made it to No. 1, it did stay 30 weeks on the charts, and I guarantee that there are people of a certain age that will immediately jump on the dance floor after no more than the first 3 seconds (Ahem.) It is one of those songs that represents a generation and was on heavy rotation on MTV. I mean like where there other songs out there in this time period? Recently, the song was covered by Courtney Barnett.

The music video was directed by one of MVD´s most talked about director, our beloved Spike Jonze and also by Kim Gordon. Kim Gordon: visual artists tuned bassist, guitarist and vocalist of none other than Sonic Youth. It is completely “dated” with color palettes so exploited through the decade, distorted images and it is almost a statement of not taking themselves and their “cross over” so serious. And of course we can get that from the lyrics also

I know you, little libertine
I know you’re a cannonball
I’ll be your whatever you want
The bong in this reggae song

That verse, and her voice, and the sound of a generation is of course what makes it legendary.



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