Electric Six and Joan Rivers: Gotta Have It! Make It Stop!

Among the many things that have been on my mind lately there are two in particular that are floating around in there so I have decided to bring them together in this One on One. The first thing on my mind is Joan Rivers (famous comedian who passed away this month) and the second one has been on my mind longer and it is two videos by Electric Six “Gay Bar” and “Danger! High Voltage”. I have decided to use a popular segment used in Rivers “Fashion Police”: Gotta Have It! Make It Stop!

Joan Rivers


 Joan Alexandra Molinsky, A.K.A.Joan Rivers (June 8th, 1933 – September 4, 2014) was a unique comedian, writer, producer, television host, and actress. She was blunt and extroverted and funny. Even though today her comedy style is not popular because times have changed and the world is more politically correct and in a way more considerate of other people´s feelings, she was talented, hard working and opened doors for women in Hollywood.

Her trajectory is endless and she did stand up comedy until last month, but many people have her fresh in their memories because of her T.V. Show “Fashion Police”, in which she talked about fashion on red carpet events which made for a one of a kind love/hate relationship.

Joan Rivers’ Greatest Red Carpet Moments

I am not even going to try and attempt to do what she did. But I thought I would talk about her and name this post after one of the segments in her show because I felt like it. So now, having said that, I will proceed to talk about the band and two of their tantalizing videos.

Electric Six



Electric Six is a six-piece band from DetroitMichigan.  This band from Detroit is very eclectic. Influenced by rock, disco, new wave and metal have stunned video lovers with the videos coming up.

Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage

I want to start by saying I LOVE IT!!!! I love the song, I love the rhythm, I wanna throw a party and dance to it, etc, etc, etc.

The song was released on January 2003. It was the band´s debut single. There is controversy regarding Jack White and whether he performed the secondary lead vocals on the track, but the tendency is to think that it was him. the video was produced by Tom Kunts and stars the band´s lead singer Tyler Spencer A.K.A. Dick Valentine and the actress Tina Kanarek.

Tina K

“Fire in the disco
Fire in the taco bell
Fire in the disco
Fire in the gates of hell”

Maybe the disco is can be the gates of hell and maybe having taco bell after the disco is also a way into hell…or at least a night of nightmares and indigestion? I personally have never been sick after eating there but many people say they have. I do have to side it is definitely a force from the dark side that constantly tempts me.

The video has it all: an old, obscure mansion, portraits on the wall, equestrian images and most importantly this flashing fashion statement:

danger high voltage


It is a vibrant, energetic, fun and funky.

However, it also makes many of us think of this;

I Told You I Was Freaky – Flight of the Conchords

Now, the second video “Gay Bar”

The song was the second single for their debut album and the video was, as you can imagine, discussed in many circles. The lead singer of the band is in the oval office in boxers and suddenly there are two clones of him and then we see them at a gym and also the oval office. I particularly enjoy the following image;

Gay bar pole

The sexuality of Abraham Lincoln has sparkled debate (‘Gaybraham’), and this video has absolutely nothing to bring into the debate. But the song is pretty cool and there is one thing we all know to be true of Abe; he was a vampire hunter. If you don’t get the reference, it is a movie.


I will leave you with a parody for this video which I think is pretty relevant and the lyrics tell the same story we have been living around the planet.

George Bush and Tony Blair- Gay Bar

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