Foreigner´s “Cold as Ice” and Journey´s “Separate Ways”: No budget?

A comparative analysis between two of the worst videos ever: Foreigner´s “Cold as Ice” and Journey´s “Separate Ways”.

Today, many hard rock and heavy metal bands pertaining to the Arena rock era from the late 60s and early 70s are considered classic bands. Among them are famous bands like Boston, Journey and Foreigner. It is pretty weird they represented an idea of “macho” rock which I grew up with. Maybe that is what is wrong with my friends? They believed these groups to be their role models? I am still trying to figure out why the music executives were willing to spend thousands of dollars on tours (renting the venues, arranging the logistic details, hiring the lights and sound systems, taking care of security, etc) for a concert that basically lasts one night and in their money driven world, destine no money at all to videos which are pretty much all we have left today. I have no clue how the tours were, but I would not want to go to one concert based on the videos.  For today´s entry I am going to concentrate on videos by Foreigner and Journey but before I do, and since there is a high chance that I will never review a Boston video, I

want to share with this image of them: Boston

Some of you were conceived to music made by these guys. No need to thank me for that mental image.


Foreigner: Cold as Ice

Cols as Ice

Journey: Separate Ways

Separate Ways Journey

1. Location

Foreigner: Train Station.

Cold As Ice
Mhhh…no idea what the relevance of the location is to the song but I am going to let it pass because “Foreigners” travel by train.

Journey = Hangar

Journey - Hangar

Well played.

2. Wardrobe

As we all know, to succeed in the business in the 70´s it was necessary for a band member to have either a jumpsuit (preferably silk or any shinny fabric), a matching vest and pants, white jeans or leather.

Besides the prerequisites mentioned, the guys from Journey added that “extra something”: Rolled up sleeves. (That apparently did not have an impact in the audience since the song made it to no. 8 on the Billboard 100- the other song made it to no. 6).

Both singers are wearing sleeveless shirts: coincidence? I don´t think so.

3. Hair and Make up:

“Cold as ice” had no hair and make up budget. PERIOD.

I will say that this guy is cute: Cute guy Foreigner

I am guessing that is either Kelly Hansen or Thom Gimbel. I´m leaning more towards Gimbel, but have not clue. Coffee is on me for whomever solves this mystery.

 “Separate Ways” has a woman played by Margaret Olmstead.

Woman Separate Ways

I would have gone for a hint more of rouge (I assume they were going for the “Oh fuck I am in a hangar with weird man staring at me” not so subtle blushed look?). Also, I think she could have tried smiling. I do confess I LOVE THE JACKET.

4. “Air Guitar” or use of Imaginary Instruments

I admire the commitment the members of Journey had to selling records. Even though they were all professional musicians, (members of the group used to play with Santana) the guys go along with the idea of playing imaginary instruments at the beginning of the video. The only explanation I can contemplate is that they thought it would showcase their virtuosity. What I cannot comprehend under any circumstance is why they would agree to shoot the scenes with the keyboard on the wall Keyboard-wall I refuse to think that there is any other reason. It is either that or a case of collective dementia.

The Foreigner video is except from this circumstance but it does have a pretty strange solo:

Solo Foreigner

Couldn’t the camera man get p there with him? Did they intend to shoot him from this angle so he seemed “unreachable” as far as guitar players are concerned? Was he not wearing shoes?

5. Director and Concept

“Separate Ways”. The director of the video, Tom Buckholtz said the concept for the video was that she was dreaming the whole thing. I think the man had never had a girlfriend. How could he think any female could dream about shirtless/rolled up sleeve men in a hangar looking like this: Journey


“Cold as Ice”.  I went to the official Foreigner site, googled and wiki´ed but could not find the director. That is how good he/she was. Am I too demanding? Is it too much to ask to have a director who given a song called “Cold as Ice” decides to do something with ice? or the north pole, or with blue colors? I am too basic? Is the best way to portray the song or the message by having a video with warm colors, light, heat, sweaty men on a train? We would love to know your thoughts.


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14 thoughts on “Foreigner´s “Cold as Ice” and Journey´s “Separate Ways”: No budget?

  1. I must say I like Journey’s music and I also think Steve Perry has a great voice, but back to the first time I ever heard about Journey, I decided I hated them, it was impossible to hate them after watching “Separate Ways”, cheesy clothing, ugly haircuts (to think that Steve Perry looked the same way for almost 20 years ), and the ridiculous air playing, anyway I could go on and on, but I’ll just end this sayin that Steve Smith looked like a famous porn actor on this one he.

    Good work, wonderful post!

      1. Hehe and he kept the 80s style for most of the 90s!

        I might correct my first post what I wanted to say was “it was impossible NOT to hate them”

  2. The emergence of lycra turned the world on to rock chic and these fellows worked it hard. As a teen child with denim cut off jackets, Kiss, Judas Priest, Sabbath and Queen badges adorned this shiny US import was aspirational despite it’s ubiquity. Together with Styx, BTO and Kansas the above showed a transatlantic ideal the rained on West Midlands shouters could only wash to achieve.

    But at the same time they made some things that just last like this

    1. Oh the Chicago link is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I think I now have to do a post on lycra in rock!!! 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

    1. Sports wear, spandex, good old memories, I can think about Maiden performing at Rock in Rio or any concert from the Live After Death Tour, I can think about Van Halen too. Good ol times only in the 80s you could have a heavy metal band playin on a wedding

    2. ” I hope you know that all I want from you is sex,
      To be with someone who looks smashing in athletic wear”
      John Grant, summat off ‘pale green ghosts’ (my fav lyric this year)

      1. I’m sorry, that post may seem quite random but I thought it would come out linked with the comment a few above about sportswear. Use a little imagination and it might make more sense

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