Heaven and Hell – the playlist!

A 60 track playlist featuring heaven, hell, Jesus, the Devil and all those friendly and things. With artists like Johnny Cash, Billie Holiday, Fats Domino, Depeche Mode, Bob Dylan and many more…a reflective playlist fit for judgement day! (although we are not implying that is happening any time soon…or ever!)


Go to Heaven for the climateHell for the company.” – Mark Twain

There are some days when everything is nice and calm and lightweight, and there are some days filled with dread and second guessing and guilt trips. But since we like to keep a ying – yang balance, we like to honor the light and the dark and also because it is more fun, we have decided to create a playlist with the best of the best songs involving these two concepts.



This religious, cosmological concept is the place where Gods, Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters and elevated beings dwell. Whether it is an actual place or a state of consciousness, everyone seems to want to go there. Paradise can be subjective, but there is a general idea of heaven in which clouds, light, choirs of angels and peace surround those who either died and went there or got there without having to die. According to different religions, heaven can be one place or even divided into seven heavens, for this playlist we chose to specialize on the generic conception, seeing there are not a lot of good theologists musicians around who have released videos lately.



This tormented place is a place where some people will go in their afterlife but where some people sadly live here on earth. That can be because of their own choosing or because the circumstances that surround them are so horrible there is no other word to describe them but that one. Contrary to heaven, hell is supposed to be located in  the underworld, bellow the earth and some religions allow a way our of it or consider it a transitional space, and some just condemn souls to eternal damnation.

Whatever your position, belief, non belief or interest in both these concepts, there have inspired talented artists for centuries, and that line between one or the other is the place where life happens. We hope you enjoy this compilation and would love to hear your thoughts on both concepts…or who deserves to go where!

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