‘In The Meantime’ by King

This L.A.-based trio, who were once mentored by Prince, have a brand new video for this track from their 2016 debut LP We Are KING.

Twins Paris and Amber Strother and their friend Anita Bias actually started work on this album about 3 years ago, which was when ‘In The Meantime’ was first released. At the time no less a figure than Prince was championing them, who like an increasing amount of people had cottoned on to them after they started putting their self-written and produced tracks up on Soundcloud.

The video, directed by David Devaux, is a clever animation which explores the song’s lyrical theme of regrets over a past relationship, with the music being a perfect example of their sophisticated and spaced-out R&B sound. Released on their own label King Creative, this really is a 3-woman business, and evidently one to watch out for.


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