Kali Uchis – ´After the Storm´


We first saw this American – Colombian (¡Viva Colombia!) pop singer on thisismyjam a few years back, and to be honest, although she seemed original, we didn’t take much notice, but that all changed last year while watching Jools Holland´s 25 years celebration show. She was brilliant, and since then we have been keeping an eye on her.

Kali Uchis & Jorja Smith performing “Tyrant” on Later… with Jools Holland

“The women I looked up to growing up were Frida and Billie Holiday, or Kelis. People wanted and admired them for how beautiful they were, but at the same time, they were never taken advantage of. They never let people play with them. I guess that’s just my thing — the balance between the glamorization and the cutthroat.”

She grew up playing the saxophone, but she never intended to be a musician, she wanted to be a music video director (she has directed some of her videos) but after making a mixtape in 2012, she captivated people like Snoop Dog and Dyplo, and it all started from there.

She has collaborated with different artists, and her debut album comes out in April. She has released a video for her song ´After the Storm´, featuring Tyler, The Creator, and just last week she performed on the Tonight Show. Total earworm!

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