Kokomo – who should have stayed there?

A review of one of the iconic movies of the 80´s: The plot, the actors, the soundtrack from the movie “Cocktail”

This is the first request I’m doing. I am very happy to do it, one because it is for one of my dearest friends and two because I happen to love the movie, the video and the song. A part of me has that idea of paradise…INCEPTION!

The film cocktail is a classic 80s chick flick, and there are 3 important things I remember about it – #spoiler alert (although I think since the movie was released in 1988 you should have had plenty of time to watch it by now): 1) Elizabeth Sue showed her tits; 2) I remember I cried and felt deeply sad when Doug Coughlin (played by Bryan Brown) dies; and 3) There is a scene where Shue and Cruise are talking about the american dream and they discuss the men that invented cocktail umbrellas and the  plastic wrap around the final part of shoelaces and how they are millionaires now… people were sleeping really deeply and swallowing that crap in the eighties!

Since I am not doing the whole soundtrack (even though the image of Tom Cruise singing along whilst Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love” is playing in the background will never, ever, ever be erased from my memory) I thought I would choose the most representative characters from the video and ask the question: should they have stayed in Kokomo?

John Stamos
First and foremost John Stamos. Yes, many of you might not remember but in the video, we have beloved “Uncle Jesse” playing the congas. I personally think this was a golden era for him and maybe he was there as an understudy in case Cruise got hurt while jet skiing and they would have another gorgeous man to take over for him, but it turns out that the man is actually an accomplished conga player and has played with The Beach Boys on several occasions, he also played drums for them in their 1990 track “Problem child” and he went on to sing lead vocals on their new version of “Forever” in the album “Summer in Paradise”. John Stamos can stay in the past, in the present and in the future, if it is up to me: he can time travel. John Stamos: I salute you!
Then we have the star of the film: Tom Cruise… Oh God…how I wish he had stayed there. Actually if he had stayed there I would have given anything to go to that place and time and stay there with him…why? Why did we have to find out he is insane? I blame us..our culture, our interest in the private persona behind the actor…he should have stayed a movie star, a red carpet robot. I miss Brian Flanagan, his eyes, his smile and his worth ethic. Tom Cruise would be without a doubt much better off back in that place and that time.

Elizabeth Shue
Elizabeth Shue: An actress that I grew up watching, the girl next door who was in a fictional relationship with Ralph Macchio (in the Karate Kid) and Michael J. Fox (Back to the future). She was great as Jordan Mooney, but since the release of the film, she went on to star in movies like The Saint (oh! now there is a killer soundtrack!) and was even nominated  for an Academy Award for her role in “Leaving las Vegas”. I also think that she has aged beautifully. She does not have to stay there.

Bryan Brown
Finally we have Bryan Brown: Australian actor. Married to actress Rachel Ward. Usually see him in an alpha male type of role. Has done mainly T.V. acting since the 1990´s. I think he looks wonderful now and did a very good job last year in the CBS series “The Good Wife”, but sadly, I do think this role is what he is most remembered for. He should stay there (I say that with love and respect and for his own good).

Cocktail: An American romantic drama film directed by Roger Donaldson and written by Heywood Gould . It was released by Touchstone Pictures. It turns that even though I think this movie is AWESOME it fared very badly with the critics and has an average rating of 3.7 out of 10. It even won 2 Golden Rasperry Awards for Worst Picture. The lead actor and the Director were also nominated for Razzies.


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5 thoughts on “Kokomo – who should have stayed there?

  1. Maybe I am wrong, but I think Stamos invited the Beach Boys once or twice to Full House, I think I remember watching them playin in one or two episodes

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