New Reels: “”La tarde me dio” by Centavrvs

This weeks new reals comes from Mexico, Centavrvs explores traditional “corrido” music genre and combines it with electronic rhythms making us want to hear their entire debut album “Sombras de Oro” (Gold Shadows).

“La tarde me dio” – Centavrvs

The band has been gaining momentum and have toured around, played at festivals like ViveLatino,  SXSW, and have had success with their two EPs (Pacífico and Aniv de la Rev). Finally, musicians Demián Gálvez, DJ Rayo, Paco Martínez, Alan Santos and Carmen Ruiz release the album which by the way has GORGEOUS album art by Mexican artist Saner.

The album not only mixes and samples traditional Mexican music, but they also collaborate with hip hop band Slajem K’op, from San Juan Chamula, Chiapas. The last song of the album ends with some verses from a lullaby in náhuatl (native language of Mexico, informally known as Aztec). The band want to show the world the new kind of music that Mexico is producing, and we here are all for it.


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