Last Christmas –A sadistic way to spend the Holidays!

I could go on and on about this song and video, not only about the original version but also all the covers throughout the years. So I will. Let´s start with the fact that it is my favorite Christmas song and that for me it isn’t officially Christmas until I hear it play on the radio. I am also willing to confess that I sometimes listen to it “out of season”.

Apparently in the 80´s people spent Christmas with their ex´s! Ok, so sometimes you can´t get out of that situation, but I do advise if faced with that challenge do not do it in a ski resort setting surrounded only by mountains and snow, it could very well lead to a “cabin fever/The Shining situation”. I think if you lower the key to the song and slow it down, it could even be a suspense thriller soundtrack.

By 0:30 it is clear to all that it is a love triangle and that it probably won’t be the “best Christmas ever“  while the friends (none of them very good friends because they let them spend the holidays together, when they could have advised them to go somewhere else, somewhere south and enjoy the sun with their current couples) are setting up Christmas decorations. Maybe the guys had a bet going about who would say the most awkward thing or even who would crack under pressure first. I know I have been in similar situations where there has been a tense calm.

Last Christmas Wham!

Looks come and looks go, both of them still look great which does not help the situation at all, and the director wisely chooses not to show us the drunken holiday toast that probably took place at that dinner. The peak of George Michael´s hurt is finally reached when we see his Wham! Partner, Andrew Ridgeley not only dating his former love but also wearing the broche that he (GM) had given to her the previous Christmas (the audacity!). See his face:
By min 2:25 she has the boldness to touch the precious gem and look at our crooner directly in the eyes…talk about cold!

Andrew Ridgeley

Fortunately, I think George Michael comes out of the situations with dignity. Before my thoughts, I would like to show you this picture of Andrew and you can make up your own mind:

So we have Mr. Jacket on on side and on the other side, George Michael. Mhhh…tough choice. Not only did his hair looked great then but the close up of his face on min 1:55 shows us he is going to be just fine and she was clearly dating out of her league (yeah, she may be model Kathy Hill and all) but it’s him, clearly, the one with the bigger future ahead. Also, he was able to play it cool during the holidays… she is more stuck on him than he is on her. Also, to be able to hold his ground and not go crazy over the broche thing while in the background we hear lyrics like “Now I know what a fool I’ve been But if you kissed me now I know you’d fool me again” just shows us that his composure is just outstanding. 20 years later, nobody remembers how SHE felt, and we all love him and the song. I think this sound could be the saddest sound a synthesizer ever made. Is there another holiday break up song as timeless as this one?

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3 thoughts on “Last Christmas –A sadistic way to spend the Holidays!

  1. Poor Andrew, nobody cared about him, at least he got his way with the girl from Bananarama

    So really, what’s the fun on spending the holidays with your ex, who happens to be dating your “best friend”?, is he really your best friend? They were datin behind your back for sure.

    1. Oh friend!
      you hit the nail right in the spot!!!!! Maybe Andrew was the one that really wrote “Careless whispers” jajaja

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