´Minimal´ by I Am Harlequin

Fashion designer´s I am Harlequin may be minimal, but is far from simple.

I Am Harlequin – Minimal

In her own words the track “represents a bit of a departure from the traditional I Am Harlequin style – the opera-inspired tones, epic choirs and a general sense of grandeur. ‘Minimal’ is none of that. It is as the title of the song suggests – minimal.”

I Am Harlequin or IAH is the alter ego of Germany born but London based music artist and fashion designer Anne Freier.

The video was released on October 20th and director Sean Clancy plays with educational children shows. A not so subtle way to explain exactly what she wants. If children can get it, then adults should. Hope that works out for her, but in the meantime, give us more statements like this song.

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