‘Name For You’ by The Shins

The Shins have released two versions, each with its own video, for their new song, They have done the same to all the songs on their new album ‘Heartworm’. Every song will have two versions. We applaud this and can’t wait to listen to their different takes on each song.

No longer the naive – happy-go-lucky-band we feel in love with around the time of, and maybe because of Garden State, the band and front man have decided to embrace the dark side.

Version A

This version has a more straightforward guitar and a deeper groove. Kind of grungy even. But you can still dance to it. We love the vixen in the red dress. I think she is gorgeous and I love the fact that even though she is fit she is not a bag of bones, and also that she isn’t 15. true to the lyrics of the song.

My girl if you’re lucky one day
Rolling down the ancient high street you’ll find
In the mirror reflects a woman in her prime
Can you make your way out?

Standing ovation for director Zaiba Jabbar and his choice here, And also for the guys dressed in suits wearing white heels and doing the choreography around her.

Version 2

This one is directed by Jon Sortland who also happens to be the band´s drummer at the moment. It is a shinier version and video, a bit more teen like but still enjoyable. Reminiscent of sublime? I think so, but even with a sunny, no rain day and two smiling young women, the truth is still out there:

You can keep your can up
If you just never eat again
It’s a means to a terrible end.


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