New Reels: “Animal Fear” by Marika Hackman

The latest single and video from this very promising English singer songwriter gets a glowing MVD review.

This talented young, and I mean young (born in 1992!) English vocalist, multi instrumentalist and song writer has just unveiled this new track (and a new photography project due to feature a 24 page booklet, with photography from Glen Erler.)

Animal Fear – Marika Hackman

This former Burberry model turned pop/folk singer will release her debut album We Slept Last Night on February 16th – 2015. She has been touring around the UK promoting her upcoming album. I personally first heard her since she is the female voice in this song:

Warm Foothills – alt – J

She played the drums on her first gig with her school friend super model Cara Delevigne when she was 14 years old, and that is when she decided music was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Now, she plays every instrument on her recordings, from bass to piano, guitar to sitar.

The video starts of like something familiar, I guess working with Alt J left an impact on her music, but then there is a close up on her face and you realize there is something more to this girl than a pretty voice and a pretty face, buy by 1:30 of the video it and maybe her reveals herself as someone to really keep an eye on, this is not a regular start, there is a darkness and depth to her, the lyrics to the song are mature for her age… I can’t wait to listen to the whole album! You can listen to more of her stuff here.

“I guess there’s quite a dark side to me. It always comes out when I’m writing songs. I love Sylvia Plath, and I love listening to songs that have that haunting darkness that really pulls you in, so it’s probably something that I want to create in my songs. Laura Veirs has definitely got that going on – that sad feeling in your stomach that keeps you going back for more – I’ve been a big fan of hers since I was 13. Warpaint have that too.”

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