New Reels: ‘Birth In Reverse’ – St. Vincent

There aren’t many people in the world of music generating more of a buzz right now than St. Vincent. Her eponymous album released back in February has been one of the critical hits of the year as well as charting high on both sides of the Atlantic. She’s the real deal: a gifted multi-instrumentalist, song-writer, and artist, and 2014 was most definitely her year.

I first heard her, as many did, through Love This Giant, her 2012 collaboration with David Byrne. In fact she had played with both the Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens before releasing her debut lp Marry Me in 2007. Her music defies easy categorisation, which is always a good thing, and employs a wide array of instrumentation and bursts with imagination and stylistic mastery.

‘Birth In Reverse’ is taken from the aforementioned St. Vincent album and is a perfect example of the kind of thing that has turned so many heads this year. “Oh what an ordinary day, take out the garbage, masturbate” she sing over crunchy guitars and a clipped 4/4 beat before bursting in to a propulsive chorus. It’s sophisticated but fun, cleverly put together but easy to enjoy, and at the moment St. Vincent is doing this kind of thing better than just about anyone. Here’s wishing her more success in 2015!

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