New Reels: ‘Can’t Control My Love’ by Total Giovanni

The cool new song and video from one of Australia’s hottest and funkiest new dance acts is a touching story of a boy’s first love.

We here at MVD love nothing more than a good boogie and this, the second single from this Melbourne based 5 piece, is very much up our street. Described by their record label Two Bright Lakes as “dance music to enable collective psychic liberation” they are fast gaining a reputation for their highly visual live shows which apparently feature plenty of dancing, costumes, and all-round general wildness. We haven’t seen them live yet but just from what we’ve read they seem like a must should they ever reach these shores. Main songwriter Vincent D claims that the bands philosophy is about “setting Australian masculinity free” and added in an interview for Vice last year “We need to lose this uptight stoic macho bullshit and dance and make love more. Have pleasure in your body, act with love, take psychedelics, quit your job, listen to the wind”, sentiments which get a big thumbs up from us.

As for the video, it’s an adolescent love story involving a boy standing up against his older and bigger friends when they try and bully the girl of his affections, and using some crazy dancing to do so. It’s incredibly sweet and wonderfully shot and had me remembering long, summer holiday afternoons spent uselessly and joyfully idling away the hours. Accompanied by a track so infectious it should come with some kind of warning (BEWARE! This music may cause involuntary movements in your feet, hips, and shoulders!) this is highly promising stuff from a band we’ll be keeping a very close eye on. Here’s hoping they make it to Britain sometime soon.

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