New Reels: “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

We here on MVD are pretty much aware of the fact that Adele has released a new video. However, since we also know it will be played everywhere we figure there is no need for us to go down that road so we have decided to go scouting for other videos released recently, and though this one was released in September, it is a refreshing and enigmatic video by the also refreshing and enigmatic Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Can’t Keep Checking My Phone

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have been around for a while now, but somehow still seem a bit underrated and neglected by some of us (myself included) because whenever I listen to them, I always find myself wondering how come I don’t listen to these guys more often?

The band is formed by Ruban Nielson, Jake Portrait and Riley Geare. They have released three studio albums, A self titled album released in June, 2011 to critical acclaim, a second album called “II” and the third one, “Multi Love” was released this year in May with good reviews.

This video is directed by Dimitri Basil (who directed Vance Joy´s “Riptide”). The video is very intriguing, listing a bunch of syndromes, paraphilias, phenomena and conditions, such as virtual gender dysphoria, Hybristophilia and Capgras syndrome among others. So what do the band and director want with this bizarre list? Precisely that we continuously check our phones looking for what they are talking about, and I find it brilliant, interactive and disconcerting…probably my favorite video of the year so far.

Featured Image by: Zoeposthoc (Wikipidea commons)

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