New Reels: “Champions of Red Wine” by The New Pornographers

A glimpse into The New Pornographers new video “Champions of Red Wine” released on May 28, 2015.

As I wrote about before, many people are wondering what will happen to Cuba now that the blockade is ending. Just last week it was removed from the U.S. sponsor of terrorism list and thre has been a dramatic increase in tourism from Americans to the Island. I guess it was only suited that there was a music video to show what many foreigners go do in the island (and most underdeveloped Central and South American countries)

Champions of Red Wine – The New Pornographers

I think we could save lives, if we don’t spend them
Way undercover, I am not your love song
Love song gone wrong, I’m coming over

The steps I take, back to you
The steps I take, back to you

We are champions of red wine, poured all over
And we’re coming over, we’re coming over
We’re coming over, we’re coming over

It is the latest video from their album Bill Bruisers, released on August, 2014. The album is sunny and has a positive video and mood to them. There are three other tracks worth mentioning ” War on the East Coast”, “Marching Orders”, and “Wide Eyes”. They video is directed by another team (mhh, we see a trend taking strength by the video here) Cudmore + Leblanc filmed video in Cuba. Is there a better place than the Caribbean to have a midlife crisis?

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