New Reels: “Darlin’ Celsa” by Maestro

New music video “Darling Celsa” by Grammy Award winning producer, author and photographer Maestro.


Darlin’ Celsa  – Maestro

The French directing duo Parachutes take one of the themes that most humans on the planet can relate to, that of the feelings that can arise from looking at an old school yearbook album and turn it into one of the best videos I have seen this year and, to be honest, in the last couple of years. Ok, it is violent and dark, which is not my sort of thing, but it is done brilliantly and I can´t stop watching.

American Grammy Award-winning hip hop producer, author, songwriter and photographer Maestro (find him in as @Maestro) releases this damn catchy song. I don´t know much about him, except that he is sample free and relies on live instruments and synthesizers. I think we will be hearing more from him, I will certainly be watching.


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