New Reels: ‘Do Matter’ by Plaid

Stalwarts of British electronic music return with the second single from their forthcoming album The Digging Remedy.

Plaid seem to have been around forever. In fact, they’ve been around for some 25 years making music that fits in to any number of categories whilst at the same time not really fitting in to any of them. You can call it IDM, ambient-techno, post-techno; whatever you like, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter, least of all one suspects to the duo themselves. The rush by so many critics and fans of electronic music to constantly stick some kind of label on things is often pointlessly reductive. Plaid seem to float above all of that.

So what we have here is a moody, twisting, throbbingly seductive track that builds nicely and is perfectly complemented by an intriguing video that depicts some kind of U.F.O. encounter. This is an aesthetic video, by which I mean it doesn’t seem to contain layers of meaning or tell any great story, but it looks good and satisfies very well on that level alone. And indeed, that’s Plaid all over. This is not a band who have ever tried to convey any big message or philosophy, but rather have just concentrated on making records that sound really good. And they’ve done it again. Bravo!

The album should be a triumph. You can find out on on June 10th…

The Digging Remedy is released on June 10th on Warp Records.



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