New Reels: ‘Fool’ by Moon Bounce

Coming out of Philadelphia Moon Bounce is actually the work of Corey Regensburg about whom I’ve been able to find out very little except that he’s been releasing tracks for the last year or two which I guess could be labelled alt-pop if you really wanted to stick a label on it. This is his latest release and is his second collaboration with London based video director Andrea Youth.

‘Fool’ is a great example of Regensburg’s way with a slightly skewed groove, and Youth’s video – a daftly enjoyable skit about a kidnapped woman turning the tables on her comical captors – suits the mood perfectly, with the musical twist at about the 2 minute mark matching the twist in the tale perfectly. Their previous collaboration ‘Shake’ is also well worth 3 and a bit minutes of your time and it seems Regensburg and Youth have found a mutually beneficial relationship which I’m hoping will continue. Marvellous stuff.

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