New Reels: “Friday I’m In Love” by Yo La Tengo

The American indie trio return with a nifty cover of the classic single by The Cure.

Yo La Tengo are one of those bands who’ve never been fashionable but have been around so long now they’ve kind of bypassed the need for such things and created their own niche by simply staying there (The Fall are another prime example of such an act). Throughout their 30-odd year career husband and wife team Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley along with James McNew (bass player since 1992) have ploughed their own unique furrow making music that often defies easy categorization but I guess falls somewhere in the indie/alternative spectrum. In fact they often seem to occupy multiple points on that spectrum at the same time although like many more casual listeners I’ll confess there are larger parts of their eclectic back catalog I’ve yet to discover, something I should probably correct.

One thing the band have become known for over the years is their love of cover versions something which began in earnest on their 1990 album Fakebook which featured songs by The Kinks, Cat Stevens and Daniel Johnston mingled amongst their own. This August sees the release of an album comprised entirely of covers called Stuff Like That There and this cover of the Cure favourite is taken from it. The video, directed by Jason Woliner features Hubley as the “day sayer”, a woman causing a lone apocalypse by raining hearts down on people. The video is fantastic and the cover itself a gorgeous rendition of the song which finds a sensitivity of tone lacking in the joyful pop bounce of the original. It’s a great example of just how a cover should be done and bodes well for the forthcoming album.

Stuff Like That There is released on August 28th via Matador records.

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