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Hozier started showing up everywhere in the last couple of months, and a month ago a friend on Twitter said for him it was the best album of the year. This week it has been popping up all over my This Is My Jam timeline, so no more hiding, it is time to write about him.

He came into my radar because of his song Take me to Church and the reviews the album was getting:

The Telegraph “Gospel choirs hum and swell tenderly beneath the rougher edges of his riffs. They add mature, universal gravitas and often a holy ecstasy to an intense, youthful lyrical tangling of religion and romantic obsession that regularly finds him poised “between love and abuse”.

Entertainment Weekly “He’s more than capable of drifting smoothly between bluesy soul, juke-joint R&B, and drinking-song folk on his hearty debut.”

Exclaim “The understated maturity of the 24-year-old Hozier on his debut album is a beacon for young writers learning to craft significant compositions.

Take Me To Church – Hozier

I want to recommend this article on him.

The video is about a homosexual couple in Russia and the persecution the couple is subject to. This was the first released of the self titled album released globally in October 2014.

Andrew Hozier- Byrne is an Irish musician. He began to study music at Trinity College in Dublin but dropped out to record demos. For 4 years he was a member of the choral-group Anuna, touring internationally with them until 2012. Since then he has released two EP’s Take Me To The Church and Eden which both received plenty of critical acclaim.

His self-titled debut album is one of our favourites of 2014, and I can highly reccomend you check out these two tracks below…

Sedated – Hozier

My Love Will Never Die – Hozier

As I explore him more and more though my favorite performance and song has become this one…

Someone New (live sessions) – Hozier

The man was born in 1990. Can I call him a man? I agree with the review that says there´s maturity in his lyrics. He is not just strumming a guitar and singing about love, it is a confessional album, and his music is influenced by soul and folk and good taste.

It gives me hope for the future. Can´t wait to hear everything this guy has to offer!

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4 thoughts on “New Music: New Reels: Hozier

  1. Yes, Hozier is a really great young artist, love his music. I think that “Jackie and Wilson” or “Angel of Small Death…” and “Arsonist’s Lullabye” are amazing records, too. 🙂 These may be my favourite. And “Take Me…” of course, 🙂

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