New Reels: “It´s Not Over” by On and On

Chicago-Minneapolis band On An On released on June 19 the video for “It´s Not Over”. We find this a hopeful, playful, poppy smooth way to start the week.

On and On (and please, click on the link, their website is a good one) released this video from the upcoming album And The Wave Has Two Sides (to be released on July 24th). Three months ago they had released an also interesting video for their song Drifting.

Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci and Ryne Estwing have been in the band for four years, after deciding to join forces while watching a Miike Snow performance. They started of strong and made it to Time Magazine No 1, hot artist to check out, mostly riding the success of their song Ghosts.

On their influences Ricci has said “Influences are difficult to break down. Our music grows from intuition and sound experiences. I think the need to create something and keep exploring is our biggest influence.” I personally think there is definitely a strong bass underneath it all. 

The director of the video, Carlos Lopez Estrada is no rookie, having directed several music videos, like the hugely successful Kangaroo Court by Capital Cities. The train ride takes us on an unexpected journey (literally and aesthetically) and then there is the lyrics to a great upbeat pop hit

“I know you’re trying to resist it,
but you’re moving like you can’t
‘Cause the beat is in our soul
And your wish is my command
I’m in love with you
and now I’m telling you again and again and again!”

We hope you enjoy the video, song and week ahead!

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