New Reels: ‘Lights’ by Hurts

The UK synth-pop duo return with their latest single and a dark video featuring dancing, loving, and fighting.

Singer Theo Hutchcraft and keyboardist Adam Anderson apparently met outside a nightclub whilst their freinds were having a fight which they were too drunk to take part in. And it’s hedonistic nightclub life which is the subject of their latest video.

Directed by Dawn Shadforth who has made videos with Florence + the Machine, Goldfrapp, and Kylie Minogue amonsgt others directs the band for the second time, having worked with them on their 2010 hit ‘Wonderful Life’. For this video she teams Hutchworth up with a female partner for a compelling and at times surprising exploration of seedy nightclub life. The track itself is a funky synth-pop groove with a peach of a chorus that will fester inside your head for weeks.

We think this is the best thing they’ve done so far and it bodes well for the new album Surrender which is released on October 9th.

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