New Reels: ‘Love Invaders’ by Fatima Yamaha

This week’s hot thang is a rather delicious slice of electro-funk from the rather Oriental-sounding Fatima Yamaha…

According to her Facebook bio she is “the girl between two worlds” borne of Turkish and Japanese parents. She is in fact the latest alter-ego of Dutch producer Bas Bron, who has released stuff under various guises including Bastian, Comtron (with drummer Rimer Veenan), Seymour Bits, and Gifted. As Fatima Yamaha he’s released a couple of EP’s, a cult-hit single ‘What’s A Girl To Do’, and a 2015 album called Imaginary Lines from which ‘Love Invaders’ is taken.

Not a new song then, but a new video to herald it’s release as a single. Directed by Bear Damen, it’s visually arresting, Orientally-orientated, and big fun. We approve.


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