New Reels: “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” by Chris Cornell

The Soundgarden singer has released the official video for his new single and it sees him sentenced to hang in the wild west.

I’ll be honest, when the whole grunge thing was kicking off in the early 90’s I bought in to just about every one of the big bands with the exception of Soundgarden. I think they strayed just a little too close to being a straight-up heavy metal band for me. Funny that, because growing up I’d listened to plenty of metal and Black Sabbath, an ackowledged primary influence on Soundgarden’s dark, heavy sound, were one of my favourite bands. Maybe there was a sense I’d heard it all before. Or maybe I just much preferred Nirvana’s more obviously punk sound, or Smashing Pumpkins introverted bombast.

One thing was undeniable though, and that was that in Cornell they had the best singer of any of those groups. Over the years he’s been placed highly on many a ‘best singers of all time ever in the world‘ list (and there are many) and has continued to release records both with and without Soundgarden. This September sees the release of his fourth solo album Higher Truth and this is the lead single from it. The song itself is very likeable and the wild west video, directed by Jessie Hill, sees Cornell playing a man condemned to the gallows only to make his escape with a little outside help. It also features cameos from Eric Roberts (Dark Knight, Expendables) and W. Earl Brown (Deadwood). The whole thing bodes well for the new album.

You can pre-order Higher Truth right here, and if you are in the US and are keen to catch him live this year then you can find details of his upcoming 30-date tour right here.

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