New Reels: ‘Not Real’ by Stealing Sheep

The fabulous new song and video from this up and coming female Liverpool trio

One of the most wonderful things about music in the internet age is that moment when you click play on a random video on the strength of something like the band name alone and discover something you may never have happened across otherwise. And so it is with Liverpool trio Stealing Sheep and this very nifty new single taken from their forthcoming album, also titled Not Real.

I do have an admission to make though. I’ve been a Liverpool resident for nearly seven years and this is the first I’ve heard of them, which is probably a classic case of looking everywhere but on my own doorstep for good new music. Shameful, I know.

Anyhow, let me tell you a bit more. Rebecca Hawley (vocals and keyboards), Emily Lansley (vocals and guitar) and Lucy Mercer (vocals and drums) formed Stealing Sheep in 2010 and released their debut LP The Diamond Sun (which I will soon be digging for) on Heavenly Records in 2012. Prior to this they had released three EPs which were eventually collated and released as Noah & the Paper Moon in the same year. They’ve been tagged ‘psychedelic folk’ but I hear shades of St Etienne, Talking Heads, and Stereolab in this deliciously cool slice of sophisticated electro-pop. The video is also a treat with lots of disembodied faces and lucid primary colours combining to produce something unpretentiously retro. If you want to catch them live they’ll be appearing at (among other places I’m sure) Farmfest in Bruton, Somerset this summer. In the meantime I’ll be looking out for any hometown gigs and maybe trying to make up for my previous lack of attention…

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