New Reels: ‘Roger Waters’ by Liima

The latest release from Scandinavian act Liima somewhat inexplicably namechecks the Pink Floyd legend, or maybe there is a reason after all…

Directed by Mancunians Plastic Zoo the video depicts a bloodied, half-naked man as the survivor of some terrible hidden beast that hides in the darkened tunnel, eventually arguing with what we can only assume to be his own hallucinations. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but the final shots are very worth seeing…

The comic-nightmare of the video complements the jumpy, slightly anxious sounding music. As a track it builds nicely sucking you in with a hypnotic winding groove. This is the third single to be taken from teir forthcoming 4AD album ii which is released later this week (the 18th).

As for the title, well, as I said it seems pretty inexplicable, but those familiar with the film version of The Wall may make a connection in the aforementioned final scenes…

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