New Reels: “Souvenir Shop Rock” by Savoy Motel

This week´s new reels is just what we needed: GOOD!

Souvenir Shop Rock – Savoy Motel

I feel like telling you about the band (which I have to confess is new to us) would spoil it, since we LOVE their official bio, so you absolutely must check it out.

Its like the sidekicks of  different 70´s TV shows  decided to get together and boogie. Hurray for revival bands and glittery hot pants.

Their press release states

“Burning brighter than a building on fire and 10 times groovier than most white acts on the scene today, Savoy Motel have all the potential to completely dominate the music world of tomorrow!”

As I said before, they are new to us, but we SERIOUSLY love their video and cant wait to see more from them!




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