New Reels: ‘Spitting Image’ by Your Gay Thoughts

This week’s hottest new video comes from a Slovenian band who we hope to be hearing much more of in 2016. In an exclusve interview we spoke to them about the video, their influences, and just where that band name came from…

We’ll admit Ljubljana, Slovenia isn’t a place we’d ever considered musically speaking. That was until we came across both this video, and their fantastic album The Watercolours which has just been released on the King Deluxe label.

The video features some great abstract animation from Phillipines-based graphic artist Megan Palero and is a wonderfully empathetic collaboration with the band. To discuss things further we caught up with the band’s Gregor Kocijančič…

Hi Greg! Firstly, we love the Spitting Image video. How did the collaboration with Megan Palero come about?
PK – the label boss of King Deluxe proposed the idea of animated music videos for our tracks because the label has a strong visual dimension and he’s connecting with many talented video artists. In the next stage he sent us like two millions of Vimeo links to different animations and together with all band members we chose the ones we liked best. We were very selective and we only chose a few, among them was also Megan Palero who liked the album and he was up for a collaboration. He chose his favourite song to work on, we talked to him a bit about the meaning of Spitting Image, he proposed the idea and the visual appearance which were both very abstract but we loved it and in the end it really came out great.
We love the album too. Who are you guys influenced by?
Thank you! It’s hard to count all the influences but I guess I would highlight the artists we were listening to the most during the album making process. Mndsgn with his mixtape Surface Outtakes and his LP Yawn/Zen was def a big influence on this and also another Stones Throw Producers – Jonti with his album Twirligig. I think he influenced the vocal harmonies quite a bit. The vocal part was also heavily influenced by Connan Mockasin. A producer from Ipswich called S.Maharba was also a big inspiration. I’d say that some classic exotica jazz composers like Les Baxter also influenced the sound. I’d say we also looked up a bit to fLako, he’s just great. And the words of Michael Thomas Taren, who wrote the lyrics for the album were also a big influence to how the overall sound of the album.

And finally, you also have a great band name, very memorable. Where did it come from?
The name comes from this morning when I woke up and ”Your Gay Thoughts” was written on my forehead. We just couldn’t resist using that for our band name. 

We’re assuming alcohol was a factor in the band’s name but we are way too polite to ask!

Watch the video below and check out the album The Watercolours on Spotify (or go and buy a copy!). You can also find the band on Facebook right here.

Your Gay Thoughts – Spitting Image from King Deluxe on Vimeo.

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