New Reels: Billie Ray Martin, Kiesza, & Jungle

It is time for the second post on what we are listening to right now and would like to recommend. Since they are mostly new artists, there is not a lot of info, so bear with me and I hope you enjoy the suggestions. Kiesza´s “Hideaway”, Jungle´s “Busy Earnin´” and “After All” by Billie Ray Martin.

Kiesza – Hideaway

This Navy code breaker, beauty pageant participant, classically trained ballerina and singer and song writer could not be cooler.

This video was shot in a single take…yes, a single take while she is dancing around Brooklyn. It was released in February 2014 and we agree with critics that have called it “Impressive”.

She was born in 1989 in Canada,  and has Norwegian and Scottish heritage. She wrote her first song when she was 18 (she credits that to her parents getting a divorce) and that same year she was hearing her song being played on the radio. Growing up in the 90´s you can hear the music of the era reflected in her music. I am not a huge fan of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) but done right it will please any ear and cheer every party.  She also released this great cover. And her second single “Giant in My Heart” was released in June13th – 2014.

I love to hear a unique voice that comes in a unique package. I think she is an individual and I predict great things for her in the future.

Jungle – Busy Earnin’

Jungle are a modern soul musical collective based in London.  Modern Soul is not only a musical style (precursor to Disco and brother of Northern Soul), it is also about dance moves and clothes and I think the video EXCELS in representing it. I love how they dance in the gym, it takes me back to classic videos like RUN- DMC´s “It´s like that and that´s the way it is”, which you can check out here.

The two founding members of Jungle are Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland. Their album was released on July 14th – 2014 so it is fresh out of the oven. They were part of an Indie Band called Born Blonde, and they have toured and even played Glastonbury.

Billie Ray Martin – After All

She is a London based German singer songwriter. She got in the music business in the 80s and has done collaborations with several bands, and in 2003 she started her solo career. DJ Hell said of Martin “she’s one of the living legends in modern music history and one of the best voices on planet earth”. Unfortunately, the information I found out about her appears to be unverified so I don´t feel comfortable replicating unchecked facts.

What I will say is that I thing the video is gorgeous, and so is her voice. I love how a single take, a single color and the simple act of walking in front of a camera can turn  into an art form. Kudos for her and the director.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these 3 recommended video/artists and any suggestions you might have.

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3 thoughts on “New Reels: Billie Ray Martin, Kiesza, & Jungle

  1. I think Billie Ray Martin (BRM) is based in Germany again (Berlin maybe?). Her solo career started much earlier than 2003. You should check out her 4 Ambient Tales EP and the Deadline for My Memories album which spawned the dance classic Your Loving Arms. Her early work with Electribe 101 is now legendary in the electronic-pop/dance world. BRM has a back catalogue packed with electronic/dance gems along with some amazing soul sounds.

    1. Hello
      Thank you!!!
      I will check out her work you recommended.
      I appreciate your comment, and you reading us!

  2. Love the old school injections in each of these videos. I will say that Kiesza had to shoot this video in one take, they probably put up new condominiums and a coffee shop in that neighborhood the second she finished…Brooklyn has changed soooo much…Her video had old school “shout outs” all over it from the dances to the clothes it seemed to be one big “Thank you” that was well done! I had not seen the Jungle video before and it was simple and fun. The first two videos were wonderfully diverse and left out all of the pretentious label whoring of other vids. Anyone can find a gym, a few friends a track suit and some music….then let the party begin! The last choice was also good and I’m glad that this artist is finally getting some light. Fab as usual.

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