New Reels: Take 3 with Ryan Adams, Lily & Madeleine, and Martin Carr

Welcome to our 3rd installment in this series looking at some of the new releases we’re currently digging. This time around we have two old hands and two new kids one the block (although not the actual New Kids On The Block, you’ll be pleased to know).

Ryan Adams – My Wrecking Ball

The first of our old hands is Ryan (not Bryan) Adams who is back with an eponymous lp and from it this engaging and wholly likeable song, which maybe quite consciously references the Miley Cyrus hit (or maybe not). Nothing if not prolific, this is, I think, Adam’s 14th solo album although someone out there may well correct me on that. I’ll be honest enough to say I’m not familiar with nearly enough of them so maybe I need to start digging deeper. This song does enough to make me want to do just that which I guess is the best thing I could say about it.

Lily & Madeleine – The Wolf Is Free

Our new kids on the block are this female duo who hail from Indianapolis and were discovered after uploading videos of themselves singing on Youtube. Their second album Fumes is released on the 28th of October with this single preceeding it. The harmonies are enchanting as is both the song and video, which has some kind of mysterious forest tale going on involving a shopping trolley and a young girl and her picnic. It’s all slightly enigmatic and suits the song perfectly for just that reason. I love it all.

Martin Carr – The Santa Fe Skyway

Our second old hand is Martin Carr who found fame in the 90’s as the creative force behind The Boo Radleys who were fleetingly ‘famous’ (in the UK at least) in 1995 for their breakfast-show staple Wake Up! but for me personally were huge for their dazzlingly inventive 1993 album Giant Steps which is one of the great overlooked masterpieces of that or any other decade. Whilst Carr has maybe never recieved the same level of acclaim of some of his (possibly less-talented) contemporaries it’s great to to know that not only is he still releasing albums (he has a new one – The Breaks – imminent) he can also still craft a very nifty pop delight as evidenced here. Great stuff from a slightly hidden British national treasure who surely deserves a bit more recognition.

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