New Reels: ‘Take It There’ by Massive Attack ft. Tricky

This week’s hot new release comes from the stalwarts of the Bristol music scene who for this track re-unite with their former band member Tricky.

Although to call them simply stalwarts of the Bristol scene is to underplay their status. Massive Attack have been at this for a long time now and have sold 11 million albums worldwide, and have been major players in British music since they dropped their hugely successful debut Blue Lines some 25 years ago. Yes, 25 years since ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ crashed the charts with it’s mixture of hip-hop, soul, and blunted paranoiac edge, the elements which would permeate in one way or another much of what came after.

And so it is with this new release taken from their newly released Ritual Spirit E.P. which features four tracks and includes guest spots from Young Fathers and Roots Manuva. Here they reunite with original member and succesful solo artist in his own right Tricky for a track that ticks all the right boxes in terms of what you might expect from all involved but still manages to sound fresh.

The Hiro Murai directed video underpins the encroachingly dark atmosphere and stars Oscar-nominee John Hawkes as a down-and-out wanderin through the night streets accompanied by a troupe of girls who he ends up joining in a macabre dance routine. It’s visually gripping stuff, and suits the music to a tee.

It’s great to see Massive Attack back and releasing new stuff. Let’s hope for a new album sometime in the not so distant future.

Ritual Spirit is out now on Virgin/EMI and there’s also an app to download called Fantom to accompany the release and which features all four songs.

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