New Reels: Rick Ross (Feat. Kanye West & Big Sean) “Santified”

This Friday’s post marks the beginning of a monthly round-up of recent videos that for one reason or another have caught our eye, and which might catch yours too, starting with “Sanctified” by Rick Ross (Feat. Kanye West & Big Sean), “I keep it to Myself” by Wilco Johnson and Roger Daltrey and “Sexercize” by Kilye Minogue and last but not least, Madonna….

Ok, so first up we have video producer Jesse Hill who has been causing a minor buzz with his Emoji videos, firstly for Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’, and now for this track by Rick Ross, Kanye West and Big Sean. The track itself is nothing that I can’t take or leave but the video is undoubtedly entertaining, especially if you are an ardent Emoji user like us here at MVD. Of course, this is bound to spawn a whole series of imitations by people out there with video editing software and it strikes me that this could even become a whole internet subculture with classic songs being given the treatment. I personally would like to see Bohemian Rhapsody and maybe the entire singles back catalogue of The Smiths given the treatment, but seeing as I have absolutely no clue how to do such things I shall have to live in hope that someone out there who does is thinking along the same lines as me (if you’re reading this and you can, do it and send it to us and we’ll gladly post it!)…

Next up we have two legends of British rock music, Roger Daltrey of The Who and Dr Feelgood’s seminal guitarist and songwriter Wilko Johnson who have teamed up to do an album together. Johnson was, as you’ll probably know, diagnosed with incurable cancer last year and it seems to have prompted a wonderful late-career revival from him. The song is a straight-up slice of the kind of spiky R&B that the Feelgood’s made their own in the mid-70’s and which also heavily informed The Who’s early career, with Daltrey himself always sounding particularly good in such surroundings. Whilst neither song nor video are anything spectacular it’s nice to see these two so obviously having fun and making music that is wholly unpretentious and enjoyable. This track also features Blockhead, longtime Wilko collaborator and bass-player extraordinaire Norman Watt-Roy and comes from an album of new Johnson material called Going Back Home. We should make the most of Wilko whilst we still have him so if you get a chance to see him touring later this year you really should (I saw him a couple of years ago and it was fantastic!)…

Moving on to something completely different we have the new video from iconic pop princess and current judge on The Voice here in the UK (a show to which I’ll happily admit being totally addicted!) Kylie Minogue. Now in the past we’ve had some genuinely great videos and songs from her, and at her best she has managed to strike a balance between credibility and commercialism. Indeed, there was a time when she was making genuinely sophisticated and enormously enjoyable pop videos but this, unfortunately, doesn’t carry on that tradition. Not only is the song a generic, auto-tuned piece of forgettable fluff, the video is so self-consciously ‘erotic’ it singularly fails to do anything other that come across as a contrivance designed to do little more than exploit Kylie’s undoubted sexual appeal. Bill Hicks once did a sketch where he riffed on the PMRC’s definition of pornography – “has no artistic merit, causes sexual thoughts” – and I’m sorry to say that definition fits this video perfectly. I like Kylie, I really do, but she’s better than this. It’s a shame she seems to have forgotten that people love her for more than just her looks…

Finally, and almost as a post-script, we have an advert from an even bigger female pop icon, the one and only Madonna. It’s a promo for her perfume and whilst I don’t want to dwell on it for too long I’ve included it because, like Kylie, a woman for whom sex was once an exciting part of what she did seems to have reached an age where a slight sense of desperation has taken over, as if she can’t quite get her head around the fact that she is closer to a pensionable age than she is to her teens. To put it bluntly, it’s all a bit forced and leaves me wishing that she would find a way to grow old a little more gracefully…

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first of our monthly round-ups and if there is something new that you would like to see included next time then feel free to either leave a comment here or email us at with your suggestions. We’d also love to hear your thoughts on any or all of the above!

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