New Reels: “The Sky Behind The Flag” by Owen Pallett

New video for Owen Pallett´s “The Sky Behind The Flag”

Released on April  15th, 2015, Canadian musician, composer, violinist, keyboardist and vocalist Owen Pallett debuts the video for “The Sky Behind The Flag”

The Sky Behind The Flag – Owen Pallet

“The song is about how great distance can exist between things that appear to be very close, like two lovers, or two halves of a bran: the extrovert that is engaging with the world, and the introvert that providing commentary.” Owen Pallet

The video was directed and animated by Eno Swinnen. See more of this illustrator´s art on his tumblr.

Owen Pallett

Michael James Owen Pallet was born in Ontario, Canada in 1979. He studied classic violin (and loops violin samples into his music). He is also a composer nominated for an Oscar for his work on the movie Her. Watch the trailer for the movie. And has worked for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the National Ballet of Canada and more.

“The Sky Behind The Flag” is a track on his album “In Conflict”, released in May 27, 2014 on Domino Records and includes collaborations by English musician Brian Eno. I think it is a unique and brilliant video. It is four stories in one song: the one told in the lyrics, the one told with the animation, the message in the subtitles and the anxiety in the music. Brilliant, can´t wait to hear more of his music. An evidently talented artist with a different vision. Fantastic!


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