New Reels: ‘Tough Luck’ by Sneaks

As her 2015 debut album gets a re-release on her new label Sneaks also presents this fabulously surreal new video for the opening track.

Sneaks is essentially the one-woman project of Eva Moolchan, who hails from Washington, D.C. and who apparently wrote much of Gymnastics whilst still at school, suggesting she’s also sickeningly young to be turning out such a confident debut. MVD is in no way jealous though. Not at all. The album consists of 10 tracks, all but one of which are less than 2 minutes long and most of which feature little more than drums and bass as an accompaniment to her cool-attitude vocals. It sounds very new wave-ish and suggests influences from the likes of ESG, Wire, early-period Cure, and even Laurie Anderson, which is a pretty great seam to be mining, we reckon.

Alongside the album we get this, the brand new video for latest single and album opener ‘Tough Luck’. It’s the debut directorial effort from Jamie Wolf, who said of creating the video “The video is built out of a series of vignettes, each directly playing off the repetition and rhythm in Eva’s beats. Each frame is hand-painted in sumi ink, and then colored digitally. At the beginning, I listened to the song on repeat, and painted whatever came to mind. Tons of morphy dancing bodies and gestural, abstracting forms. I animated my favorites.” It’s very stream-of-consciousness stuff, an aesthetic feast which arrests your interest throughout. It’s playful, fun, as is the track itself. MVD approves, greatly, and looks forward to more from Sneaks in the future.

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