New Reels: ‘Warts’ by Hinds

The Spanish indie group’s latest single comes with a super-stylish video.

One of MVD’s current albums-of-the-year is Leave Me Alone the debut from this female four-piece who hail from Madrid. Full of melodic hooks and ragged charm, it’s a must-have album for those that don’t already have it (that’s an order), and must-listen-to album for those that already do.

Originally a two-piece consisting of singer/guitarists Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote called Deers,  in 2014 after releasing their critically lauded debut single, the 2-track Demo, they recruited Ade Martin (bass) and Dutch-born Amber Grimbergen (drums) and somewhere along the way changed their name to the female equivalent to avoid legal issues with another band. Since then they’ve played a plethora of festivals and various other gigs all over the place, including the US, whilst quietly building their reputation as one of the hottest indie acts around.

‘Warts’ is their new single, and one of many highlights from the album, and the video features as some kind of kimono-clad guardian angels trying to meddle in a boy-meet-girl story with, shall we say, rather violent consequences. We love the shit out of it, and we hope you will too…


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