New Reels: ‘Wow’ by Beck

Everyone’s favourite multi-award winning, genre hopping, geek outsider singer/songwriter is back…

…something which is, as you may well agree, a cause for some small kind of celebration. His 13th as-yet-untitled studio album drops around about sometime fairly soon and there is a justifiable sense of expectation, coming after 2014’s Grammy winner Morning Phase.

‘Wow’ is the second single (after last years ‘Dreams’) to be taken from that album and sees Beck in full b-boy mode. It’s funky, a little grime-y even, and comes with a video that at first appears to be a bunch of random stuff – Beck on the freeway, cowboys on horses, danching kids, roses with eyes etc – thrown together for no apparent good reason. Then you realise it was made with a collective of directors and visual artists and inspired by an experiment with the song that he did on Instagram a while back. It’s then you realise that it’s still a bunch of random stuff but that this is probably the intention and may well be a comment on the ever-shifting and fickle nature of media-consumption in the internet age. Or something.

What we do know is that we love it, and that more Beck has only ever been a good thing. And so it proves with this.

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