Chet Faker at the Boiler Room, Melbourne

I would like to talk about an artist that I am currently listening to a lot and whom has undoubtedly caught my attention, I have a terrible crush on him, I am talking about the talented and sexy beard-king Chet Faker.

Chet Faker Boiler Room Melbourne

I came across Faker via a friend but I was instantly hooked. I mean COME ON! I liked him but he left a mark with his fantastic “No Diggity” cover which was just what I think covers should be like, a reinterpretation of a song, a personal input without disrespect to the original. In general his “Thinking in Textures” EP is great and I recommend it as well as his live sessions. He was born Nicholas James Murphy and is Australian. His single “I´m into you” is a perfect example of his style and there´s a collaboration with Flume going around that also showcases his talents nicely. This video here is his presentation in The Boiler Room (a music project that organizes DJ´s playing in small venues and streaming performances via USTREAM and it is considered a very important source for underground music today).

His debut album Built on Glass, was released on 11 April 2014. YESTERDAY. Trust me on this people, it is not about looks..his music is chilled and nostalgic and paced and thought through and a close your eyes, put on your headphones and float away kind of vibe which immediately makes him my cup of tea. I really recommend it and Mr. Faker is you ever read this: keep on singing and flourishing and DO NOT SHAVE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.


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