New Reels: ‘No Milk, No Sugar’ by Islands

Canadian indie band Islands are back with TWO RECORDS and we are loving their new material.

“No Milk, No Sugar” – Islands

The band has been busy. Their two albums Taste and Should I Remain Here at Sea will be out on May 13th. They have also announced a new tour.

Some of you may remember Islands by their previous music and some of you may only know them because of relatively famous lead singer Nick Thorburn, A.K.A. Nick Diamons, who has also been lead singer in the bands The Unicorns, Th´Corn Gangg, Reefer and Human Highway, and who lately has been involved in the soundtrack for the mega famous podcast Serial.

Of the new records, Thorburn has said:

Contained on these albums are the saddest songs I’ve ever written, the funniest songs I’ve ever written, the catchiest songs, and the most satisfying songs. Excuse all the superlatives, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever walked away from a recording process more fulfilled and invigorated.

This time, Nick has directed two videos. Here is a backstage look at the shooting of the one we feature here on this week´s new reels.

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