‘No Plan’ by David Bowie

With a new E.P. released on what would have been his 70th birthday comes this new video for one of his last recordings.

This first year after Bowie’s death has been a strange one. The old adage that if you’re famous you’re never more popular than than after you die has certainly been in evidence with interest in his body of work being greater now than at anytime in the last couple of decades or so. His final album, Blackstar, has proved to be a last great flourish from an artist who never stopped moving and exploring new ground. Immediately after his death there were rumours that there were songs left over from the sessions that produced that album, and thankfully they proved to be true with this new EP containing three previously unreleased tracks – ‘No Plan’, ‘Killing A Little Time’ and ‘When I Met You’.

The video, directed by Tom Hingston, takes it’s cues from The Man Who Fell To Earth, with its rows of televsions in the window of a shop called Newton Electrical after Bowie’s character in that film, Thomas Newton. As people gather we get images of space travel, continuing a conceptual thread exploring alienation and isolation that runs through Bowie’s body of work. The track itself is full of lonesome melancholy, and sounds (intentionally or not) like a cry from beyond, a message from a distant place.

It seems the world is still very much in mourning for David Bowie, an artist who touched so many lives in so many ways, and you can either see it as a triumph or a tragedy that he bowed out when cleary in such a rich vein of artistic expression. We still miss you Spaceboy, I hope your spaceship knows which way to go.


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4 thoughts on “‘No Plan’ by David Bowie

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