Nortec Collective Presents: I Count The Ways: A good luck omen video

Wishing you the best of luck for the upcoming year with Nortec Collective´s latest video!

Las cabañuelas (also cavanuelas or cabanuelas) are a method of forecasting the weather practiced throughout the countries conquered by Spain. It is a traditional form of weather prognostication dating back many centuries. There is no scientific method for it and it is just a superstition which basically means “I´m there”. I love it and for my first post of 2014 I wanted to maintain the tradition and find a video that I think will bring a good omen for the coming year.

I chose Nortec Collective´s latest video because I think it is a great way to kick off what I hope will be an amazing year for all.

The song features Kylee Swenson of the band Loquat, who based the song on a bike ride taken with her friends through San Francisco. My favorite thing about the song is that it has a Latin (Mexican) sound with lyrics in English… a killer combination that we love here at MVD! And my favorite thing about the video is the imagery. I also like the lyrics

“I count the ways
To disappear
No one else can trace my tracks
Around here”

The imagery of the video is evocative. Contrary to painting a traditional Mexican main square as dessert like and with warm colors, the director Ernesto Aello goes for gorgeous blue tones…then at 0:42 we are presented with an image that I am seriously considering as a subject for my next painting:

Police Officer

I only wish when we (as a people) encounter a police officer, or authority in general, we would be able to see them like this…a simple shadow in a lovely background because in general when I am in front of an authority figure I don’t see things as pretty: *Fuck the Police*!!!!! I hope none of you have to “fight the power” this year but if you do, I hope you look at it from a different perspective. The woman in the video has a similar reaction to mine and starts running away and into the second part of the video.

We now see her wearing an eggshell dress running up a hill covered in flowers and then at 1:21 we see her in what I think is paradise: sunny skies, warm weather and she is now surrounded by a “harvest” of records!


Not content with this, the director includes an extra topping to this joyous moment by having Ice cream (actually a Popsicle) involved. I need to befriend this director, we are definitely on the same page and share the same values and ideals for life.

Nortec Collective

After that things get a bit weird because we see the distorted image of a gnome and then we see the lady pick up a baseball bat and smash a piggy bank. It is an accurate description of my finances and what i do whenever I have savings – weird but realistic: 10 points for Gryffindor! We also see her with a teddy bear, sewing it back, smashing a porcelain horse (maybe because this will be the Chinese year of the horse?) and smashing a gnome and a piñata! (For those of you who have never smashed a piñata, I suggest you go out and buy one today, it should be a tradition for New Year´s Eve!) The video has a plot twist and in the final seconds we realize that she did not encounter a police officer but an accordion player. Somebody get me the director´s phone number, I mean it!

I guess I chose this video for my first post of 2014  hoping it works as a “forecast” of the year to come: I wish you all a year full of color, beauty, music, the ability to look at things from a different perspective and to go out an explore. A 2014 with abundance of health, happiness, love. Also, I’m hoping to write plenty of entertaining stuff for you this year!



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One thought on “Nortec Collective Presents: I Count The Ways: A good luck omen video

  1. “A 2014 with abundance of health, happiness, love.” Loved it!, the same to you, good luck and may this year see this project (and all of your projects) goin up and up and up, and up

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