“Obsession”: Porn for costume fetishists.

The video, the fashion, the dance moves, the weirdness behind Animotion´s most famous video and how it became an Obsession.

We thought we´d start with ‘Obsession’ because since we thought about starting this blog, it has become a part of our daily lives and we have been practically obsessing over it. Enough said…

Before analyzing a video, we like to check the “essential element chart”:

Body part close up X
Group member face close up X
Synthesizer shot X
Shoulder pad zoom in (extra points for male shoulder pads) X
Random location shot X

The key to the video can be found in this paragraph from the lyrics:

Your face appears again, I see the beauty there
But I see danger, stranger beware
A circumstance in your naked dreams
Your affection is not what it seems”

Is there a better way to express those lyrics than having Cleopatra and a Roman soldier (presumably Mark Antony) next to a pool that reflects the actual singers of the song in their amazing 80´s dresses and hairdos? We don´t think so. The narrative of the song then develops by means of a fight between the Roman soldier and a Jedi (of course) whilst a court jester plays the drums on Cleopatra´s body… before some kind of climax is reached when at the 2:05 mark we are introduced to a Second World War female pilot, giving a whole new texture to the imagery.

What puzzles us and sets the video apart is of course at 2:02 when we see an astronaut lying in bed apparently asphyxiating next to the guitar player… who wouldn’t obsess over that?

Overall, the video seems to be suggesting that the two singers are both costume fetishists who can only satisfy their sexual obsession with each other through the use of ridiculous fancy dress. “Who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me?” they sing, shedding light on a truly weird relationship where they act out their deepest fantasies through role-playing and inviting the rest of the band to join in their odd mutual ‘obsession’. Whether the band are paid to do this or partake as part of their own strange obsessions is information we are unable to ascertain. Our tendency is to think they are all as messed-up as each other.

And of course, we continue to be truly baffled as to how anyone could find an astronaut’s costume sexy?

Animotion is an 80´s New Wave band from Los Angeles who made 3 albums, had 3 singles that charted, but they are best known for their cover of this song “Obsession”. The song was written by Holly Knight and Michael Des Barres in 1983. It was released on 23rd November 1984 it eventually reached number six on the Billboard chart. If you want to see what they are up to now, you can like them on Facebook.

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4 thoughts on ““Obsession”: Porn for costume fetishists.

  1. this is the type of miracles that you expect to happen…
    THANK god or whoever build this superfutureretro blog.
    I was really surprised bcause its the same music that i downloaded to my itunes library this week.. no i know im on the right track bcause of you guys. Please keep posting this amazing deconstructions…. just blowed my mind.
    Great cover art too…..
    Its a trip

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