‘On Lankershim’ by Foxygen



Directed by Foxygen and Danny Lacy
Edited by Foxygen and Danny Lacy
Camera by Danny Lacy and Luke Suzimoto

This song makes me think of Elton John´s “Tiny Dancer” and of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. But the guys in the video make me think of the strokes. Strange. which is why I had to post. Lankershim is a major street in Los Angeles famous for its prostitution levels. Which is why the lyrics are so poignant

Well, we all spent time trying to make it
But you spent your money getting high
Well I know can make it back ’cause I’m only 25
And my friend, she’s only 20
And she’s an actress and so far
She said, you know, she said she can get me parts


Foxygen is an L.A. Band formed by Sam France and Jonathan Rado. They started the band when they were both 15 years old. On January 20th, 29017 they will release their 3rd album ‘Hang’. I don’t know about them except for the fact that the lead vocalist is known for his manic behavior. I don’t know where they will go, but I like the sound and the lyrics, what it makes me think of and I am sure I will be repeating this words in my head:

“When someone loves you but you just can’t figure it out
Just walk away, just walk away, just walk away
Oh, you walked away
You walked away”





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